Cover 2020 Pushcart Prize

Praise for the Prize

"When the future wants to know about our arts and letters, this is the publication it will turn to." — Sherod Santos

This book is essential.” — Library Journal

“Must reading for anyone interested in the present and future of America’s arts and letters.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A truly remarkable collection of the finest small press poems, essays and short stories.” — Booklist

“The ex-officio house organ for the American literary cosmos.” — Chicago Tribune

"The Pushcart Prize editions are urgent and absolutely necessary." — Mary Karr

"Of far more significance than other awards."  — Joyce Carol Oates

"A powerhouse." — Publishers Weekly

"I cannot conceive of American literature without the Pushcart Prize." — Andrei Codrescu

"A heroic work." — T.C. Boyle

"A lovely essential book every year."  — Edward Hoagland

"The most creative, the most generous, and the most democratic of any of the annual volumes."  — Rick Moody

"A distinguished annual literary event."  — New York Times

"Invaluable." — Charles Baxter

"This is the anthology that the writers read."  — Russell Banks

"America's best fiction, fiction, poetry and essays for decades." — Billy Collins

"I am always pleased and astonished by the Pushcart Prize." — Charles Simic

"For years I have looked forward to every Pushcart Prize and I have never been disappointed." 
— Stephen Dunn

"A very big bang for very small bucks."  — Madison Smartt Bell

"A genuine measurement of the current state of American letters." — Ha Jin

"I am fiercely loyal to and grateful for The Pushcart Prize Editions." — Wally Lamb

"I hope the Pushcart Prize lives forever."  — Philip Levine

"A Pushcart Prize selection is one of the very best things that could happen to a writer." 
— Charles Wright

"An amazing asset for readers of serious literature." — Daniel Halpern

"A revolution, A Great Ear, a voice braiding many voices.— Cynthia Ozick

"A labor of love and excellence." — Marvin Bell